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Design smilemakers on Pomme-pidou.com


Did you always like the Pomme pidou smilemakers, but don’t they fit in your house because of their many bright colors? Do they need to be a bit more sober? Maybe black & white? Well, we have some very good news for you because Pomme pidou has launched a new collection named Studio Design! This collection houses all black & white money boxes and decoration items.

The concept remains the same: adorable animals wearing our very own designed prints, but this time it’s all in black and white. And no, that does definitely not mean boring! With Pomme pidou we always tend to make joyful prints and so we created two flower prints, two arty ones and one print full of love – literally.

Another new thing is that this collection has more to offer than just money boxes. Next to our Pomme pidou originals, we now also have Pomme pidou decorative statues of animals. You’re probably wondering what animals you will discover in our Studio Design collection, no? Meet our Dachshund Ted, English Bulldog Max and Frenchie Jack, out adorable Chihuahua Nanou and Danish Dog Jules. If you’re not a dog lover, you might just like horse Cooper or cat Mia.

Discover them all in a shop near you on www.pomme-pidou.com!