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Let me start this blog with a question. How many of you have kissed Freddy the King Frog? Or at least made the gesture? Maybe you even took a picture of it? Come on! Be honest with yourself! There’s no shame in it! And to prove that, Pomme pidou wants you to share your favourite Freddy-moments with us on social media!

Maybe you have a giant Freddy at home and maybe he makes you smile every morning when you see him? Or maybe you’re saving for you next trip and is Freddy the one to keep your money safe? Maybe you do admit on having that frog kissing photo? Don’t you? Really? ;-)

Share your Freddy moments with us and maybe you’ll end up on our social media pages and website! How do we find your photo? Post you picture on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #pommepidou! We certainly look forward seeing you soon!!!

The Pomme pidou Team

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Money box frog Giant Freddy

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