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It's Christmas time


Just look around you. Shiny Christmas lights and decorations brighten up the dark and cold winter nights, I bet the Christmas tree is out and the number of packages under the tree are growing day after day. And do you already have your oversized Christmas sweater? Yes, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!


Is there already a Pomme pidou box underneath your Christmas tree? Did you know that our colorful money boxes are a perfect gift for Christmas? This time of the year is all about happiness, golden, shiny touches and being together with the family. Guess what? That’s exactly what Pomme pidou stands for! Handing someone a Pomme pidou item is like giving them a smile for life. Find the cat, dog, elephant or frog they always wanted and give them a lifetime of happiness and color!

The perfect Christmas gift for young and old

By the way, some of our Pomme pidou animals also got in the sparkly, cozy and shiny mood. Just take a look at our dogs Buddy, Jack and Nanou: they got all dressed up for their favorite time of the year. Meet the cutest Angel and Rudolph versions of these three smilemakers. Yes, who knew a Bulldog would look at you like a true angel with those gorgeous golden wings, right? And look at our Chihuahua Nanou, she seems so tall with those antlers on!


And it’s getting even better for Christmas because Pomme pidou is organizing another giveaway! Like, share and tag two friends in the cozy cocoa-cat picture on Facebook and/or Instagram, and win a Pomme pidou goodie box with our cute kitten Poppy and some delicious Christmas goods. What are you waiting for? Like and win!

Check out these smilemakers

Money box French Bulldog Angels Jack

€ 27,72

Money box French Bulldog Rudolph Jack

€ 27,72

Money box Bulldog Rudolph Buddy

€ 27,72

Money box Chihuahua Rudolph Nanou

€ 27,72