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Frog with a blog


A frog’s good luck-kiss

Did you know that in many cultures a frog represents luck? Frogs usually appear around spring time which we all associate with sunnier and warmer days, blooming flowers, the birth of baby animals and the start of new beginnings. Doesn’t it sound great?

In Eastern cultures the frog is linked with wealth and well-needed rain, while in the West people associate it with healing. And let’s not forget about the fairy tale frog: the one that turns into a prince after a true love’s kiss! Yes, a frog does represent all the good things!

Kiss the frog and he might turn into a prince…

Let’s now talk about our lucky charm at Pomme pidou! Freddy combines everything of a good luck-frog. With the coins in his belly he helps you living a wealthy life and his happy colours and print heals all the pain you go through and puts a smile on your face. Oh, and you can always try and kiss him, you never know that you’re the lucky one ending up with a prince! However, don't forget that you already have a king frog in your midst!

You are my lucky charm!

Don’t you have a king frog Freddy yet? Go to our online shop and choose your favourite Freddy! Do you prefer a small (€19.95), medium (€34.95) or the large (€80.00)? And what colour do you like best? Pick yours and don’t forget to personalize!

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