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New! Studio Art collection!


2019 is up and running. Some of you may have already packed up the Christmas tree, but hold up! Pomme pidou still has a little gift for you. The last one for this holiday season, we promise. As we said in our New Year’s blog, we want to surprise you with some brand new items in 2019 and there’s no better time to fulfill these New Year’s resolutions than January! Are you ready?


*Drum rolls*


Today we present to you our Studio Art collection! Three of our smilemakers have been selected to wear the most inspiring art-prints. A giraffe, rooster or bulldog? Robust or elegant? Abstract or modernism? Our Pomme pidou smilemakers are a piece of art for every home. Which one would fit you best? Discover all items in a shop near you on www.pomme-pidou.com.


“Life is art, live yours in colour”

P.S.: These items have a limited availability so don’t hesitate and get your Studio Art-smilemaker now!