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New year, new resolutions


Did you lose those 10 kilos? Have you traveled more often? Have you read more books and do you still go to the gym as you promised  yourself on January 1st 2018? Yes, most New Year’s resolutions remain resolutions, but the most important question is: have you had a good 2018? Did you smile a lot? That’s what’s important to Pomme pidou.


2018 has brought the company some new challenges with a brand new website – now already in three languages –, a new black and white product line and several social media goals. We are proud to tell you that we have achieved so much this year and that’s also thanks to you! You, our clients, inspire and drive us to do even better next year.


Our goals? Create more colorful and design smilemakers to your wishes, introduce you to some new product lines and work on an even more interactive social media page so we can see even more of your Pomme pidou moments. But most importantly, we want to spread the Pomme pidou happiness all over the world so our animals can make more and more people smile. So it’s time to make magic happen!

The whole Pomme pidou Team wishes you, your family and friends a great 2019 full of love, happiness and color!