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A Pomme pidou way of seeing the world

Some see the world through pink glasses, with Pomme pidou we prefer to see a lot of colours to keep it interesting. Just ask one of our Peekaboo’s!

Making you smile is our goal in everything we as Pomme pidou do! That also means making your life easier and that’s how we would like to help you with our Peekaboo’s. Peek-a-what? Peekaboo’s or glasses holder! Yes, the Pomme pidou animals look pretty good with your (sun)glasses on!

Peekaboo to the rescue!

There’s a Peekaboo for everyone out there: Chihuahua Nanou for the dog lovers, frog Theo for the royalties among you, proud cat Dorothy for all cat lovers, elephant Zara for those who prefer the wild side of life and cute little mouse Ini! Which one would you choose?

Thanks to their bright colours you will always find your Peekaboo back even without your glasses and they will put a smile on your face! The only thing you have to do is pick your companion, give him your glasses when you put them off and enjoy his or her company. Your pet will carefully look after them!

Check out these smilemakers

Glasses stand Chihuahua Peekaboo Nanou

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