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Frog with a blog


Everything you need to know about Freddy

Hey there! We all know that I’m a classic, a real eye-catcher and a frog that puts a smile on your face. What you don’t know yet, is that I was born in  in Bruges (Belgium) in 2006 as the first Pomme pidou. That makes me kind of an old frog, I know… It also makes me very wise and I know all of my fellow Pomme pidou friends. Since my birth I always got to meet a lot of people and animals and I’m very grateful for that!

My first buddy that accompanied me in this wonderful and colourful world of smilemakers was duck Ducky. Because we spent so much time together already, I consider him my best friend. So is turtle Quickie and the dog Mylo! They’re great! We love going for walks in the park and relax by the water.

I also spend a lot of time with my brother Theo doing frog things… You know, jumping around and swimming in the lake. We laugh a lot together and we also make fun of each other, but that’s what real brothers do right?

Over the years, Pomme pidou has given me many beautiful suits. Many colours and prints have crossed my path. Even the Belgian artist Kamagurka created some clothes for me! If that’s not an honour! In total I had about 100 different outfits! My absolute favourite? It’s a print I’m wearing this year!

And you probably want to know about the crown, no?

I’m the king of the world!!!

No, no, I’m just kidding! I figure the Pomme pidou family started with me and I guess that’s my creator’s way to show her appreciation for me and it also makes me an absolute classic. I absolutely love my crown! Do you too?

P.S.: Don’t forget to share your frog-moments with Pomme pidou using the hashtag #pommepidou!