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Get to know us

The idea for Pomme pidou!

Hi! I’m Karolien, founder & artistic designer of the Pomme pidou love brand.

People often ask me where the idea for Pomme pidou came from. Well, it started more than ten years ago when I was on a holiday with my husband on an exotic island. In a tiny shop we found an ugly frog but it had a very attractive colour combination.  My husband and I immediately fell in love with the unique colour printing technique.  The vivid colours were a real eye-catcher!

Our first product!

We were really inspired by the shape of the animal and its colours! Starting from that inspiration I created my very own “prince charming” Freddy the king frog with a golden crown. Herewith I fulfilled a dream come true by giving people a unique and original product and by creating a magical gift that makes us feel good by “giving” or “receiving”! 

Very soon I created more animal friends for Freddy and little by little people from all around the world discovered our pets and they love to adopt a Pomme pidou animal from our collection. The animals become friends and they’re even part of the family.

The Pomme pidou family

Our aim is to make people happy with these unique and lovable products, and to share the love and happiness with others all over the world. That’s why Pomme pidou is your smilemaker!

Follow the adventures of Freddy and his friends on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterst!

Smile,   Karolien