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Pomme Pidou, the story

It takes a while to find a product that is new, original and loved by people, and usually you randomly bump into it on the most unexpected time and place. That also happened to Karolien, the founder and artistic director of Pomme-Pidou.

It all started with an ugly frog over ten years ago on an exotic island. While getting to know the culture of the island and visiting its tiny shops, Karolien and her husband were inspired by the colour combination of this very ugly frog. The mix of colours was so new that it immediately stole their hearts and woke up their inspiration. Karolien soon created her very own ‘prince charming’ named Freddy and fascinated by the colouring technique they started to research. Shortly after Pomme-Pidou was born and little by little the family grew.

The ceramic money boxes and prints are all carefully designed by Karolien and the staff of Pomme-Pidou. Twice a year the brand presents new members of the family or even a whole new collection. Even though the brand originally started with unique piggy banks, there’s already a range of cookie jars, glasses holders, wall decoration and even flowerpots. But Karolien and her team keep looking for new products and ways to surprise their customers. An example is the huge, limited edition golden King Frog Freddy that they designed in 2015 for the 10th year anniversary of Pomme-Pidou.

The goal of Pomme-Pidou has always remained the same: the brand wants to make people all over the world happy. The combination of adorable animals and bright colours does the trick and can only make you smile. That’s why the products are also called your smilemakers.