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Frog with a blog


Bienvenu au monde fantastique de Frogmania!



From birth to graduation, finding a job and getting married. Freddy follows you through your whole life and helps you achieve all of your goals. The new series of Pomme pidou money boxes presents the all-time favourite frog king Freddy in every occasion you can think of.

Are you saving for your next trip? Tourist Freddy for the rescue! Are you dreaming about going to New York City? Freddy Statue of Liberty will help you get the empire state of mind! Are you a huge Harry Potter fan? Freddy Potter will keep the magic alive day after day.


A motivation for yourself or a small gift for a friend? No matter if you’re a runner, doctor, DJ, musician, shopping queen or Superman freak, there’s a matching item for every single one of you. Collect them all and give your dreams a first push into the fantastic world of Frogmania!