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money box frog Freddy - Medium

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Freddy the Frog is the most energetic of all the pets. At the Pomme pidou Pet Store, he uses his energy to make sure that everything – and more importantly, everyone – is clean.

He splashes around enthusiastically in the swimming pool with Zara the Elephant and sings loudly while he cleans out Bella the Cow’s shed.

Take him home and he’ll turn your daily routines into pure fun. However, that’s not all the colour he’ll bring to your life. His unrivalled talent for singing will put a big smile on your face every single day!




Happy House Frog


Croaking along to his favourite music

Can't stand

Unpleasant smells

Best at

Turning washing the dishes into a splashingly fun activity

Favourite place

The bath


17th of August

Measurements: length 18cm x depth 16cm x height 14cm

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