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smileshaker frog Freddy

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Small size is a snowglobe, while medium size is a snowglobe and money box.

Name Freddy

Happy House Frog


Croaking along to his favourite music

Can't stand

Unpleasant smells

Best at

Turning washing the dishes into a splashingly fun activity

Favourite place

The bath

Birthday 17th of March




  • S: L6,5xD6,5xH9,4 CM
  • M: L10,1xD10,1xH14,6 CM

Water resistance

Are the Pomme pidou pets water resistant? No. As a matter of fact, the Pomme pidou animals hate water! If you let your animal drown in water, the print might come off or fade. Neither should you leave them outside in rainy weather! You wouldn’t do that to an actual animal neither, would you?

Influence sunlight

Just like real animals, the Pomme pidou pets don’t enjoy too much sunlight. So instead of having a sunburn like we do, the colour of your Pomme pidou animal fades and gets lighter if he/she stands in the sun for too long.

Every item is unique

Due to the fact that every item is handmade, every item is unique and irregularities may occur. 

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